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The Radiant One

Package Details

The Radiant One™ makes going solar easier than ever! Slather on the SPF and decide how much you want to invest in solar energy. The results will be tonnes of savings – of money and the environment!

Lifestyle Details

Package Details

Live your sustainable lifestyle

A little or a lot. We want you to customize how much you want to invest in your sustainable lifestyle.


Our solar services include securing permits, creating designs, installing solar panels on your home, and providing maintenance, if needed.

Every system comes with:

  • 335 W High Efficiency Canadian Solar Modules with Black Frames
  • Alberta-Made fully galvanized racking system
  • Battery and Vehicle Ready Premium Inverters
  • Home Energy Monitoring System
  • Designed for Future Expansion
  • 10 year Craftsmanship Warranty
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty

Built-In Features


  • 6 Panel System
  • 2.01kW Power Output
  • 2,200kWh Production Annually
  • 85 t of CO2 Offset
  • $15,000 Lifetime Savings

SPF 10

  • 10 Panel System
  • 3.35kW Power Output
  • 3,600kWh Production Annually
  • 170 t of CO2 Offset
  • $25,000 Lifetime Savings

SPF 20

  • 20 Panel System
  • 6.70kW Power Output
  • 7,300kWh Production Annually
  • 255 t of CO2 Offset
  • $40,000 Lifetime Savings

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