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Celebrate the Holidays in Your New Home: Why October is the Best Time to Buy

Are you dreaming of cozy evenings by the fireplace, decorating your own Christmas tree, and hosting holiday gatherings in your new home? Well, October might just be the ideal time to turn those dreams into reality.

Whether you’re considering a quick possession or a pre-sale home design, there are compelling reasons why October is the perfect time to buy a new home in Edmonton and surrounding areas, ensuring you’re settled in before this or the next holiday season rolls around.

Quick Possession: Move in Before Christmas

Imagine unwrapping your gifts in the comfort of your brand-new home this Christmas. With a quick possession home, you can do just that. Here’s why October is the opportune moment to make this dream come true:

  • Availability: Many home builders in Edmonton have a selection of move-in-ready homes, known as quick possessions, that are ready for immediate occupancy. These homes are often beautifully designed, fully equipped, and waiting for a family to call them their own.
  • Speedy Process: Buying a quick possession home typically involves a faster and more streamlined process compared to pre-sale options. This means you can complete the purchase and move in within a matter of weeks, making it perfect for those eager to celebrate the holidays in a new space.
  • No Waiting: The beauty of a quick possession home is that there’s no waiting involved. You can start planning your holiday decorations and festivities as soon as you close the deal.


Pre-Sale: Secure Your Spot for Next Christmas

If you have a bit more time on your hands and want to personalize your new home, a pre-sale option is the way to go. Here’s why October is an excellent time to embark on this journey:

  • Customization: Pre-sale homes offer you the chance to select your preferred floorplan, finishes, and design elements. This means you can create a home that reflects your unique style and needs, making it even more special when the holidays arrive.
  • Construction Timeline: By purchasing in October, you’re strategically positioning yourself to move in before the following Christmas. Builders typically have construction schedules that allow you to plan for occupancy between 12-14 months ensuring you’re settled before the holiday season.
  • Financial Planning: Starting the pre-sale process in October gives you ample time to work with lenders, set your budget, and secure financing, so you’re well-prepared for the purchase and any associated costs.


Buying a new home in October, whether it’s a quick possession or pre-sale, is a fantastic way to set the stage for unforgettable holiday celebrations. With quick possession, you can be in your new home before this Christmas, while a pre-sale allows you to plan for next Christmas in a space customized to your tastes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to create lasting memories in your new home. Contact or visit any of our showhomes today to explore the quick possession and pre-sale options available to you. Make this October the month you take the first step toward celebrating the holidays in the home of your dreams.

Published Oct. 12, 2023


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