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Control4 – Innovation in Smart Home Technology

The latest and greatest in smart home technology is now available in Coventry homes: Control4.

The Control4 interactive system works from anywhere in your home to do as little or as much as you want. It could simply turn the lights on when your house alarm is turned off. You can also get Control4 to complete finer orchestrated tasks at the push of a button – dim the lights to 30%, put on your “Fri-Yay” playlist, set the AC to 19 degrees and lower the blinds.

Control4 is an automated platform that harmoniously syncs your smart devices together to work as one via an interface. There are many difference interfaces Control4 offers its users, all simple and easy to use, from a handheld remote, to a touchscreen or keypad, or voice controlled interaction. You decide what’s best!

Rush out of the house and forget to lock the door? Control4’s got your back. With our increasingly fast paced lives, Control4 condenses all your technological assets into an easy to use system. Whether you travel often, work out of town, or just like to check in on your home this system can help relieve some stress and put your mind at ease. Alternatively if you’re the type that enjoys the latest in technology, you will find many aspects of the Control4 system appealing.

Here are some of the most popular features we see clients integrate into their homes today:


Customized to fit your needs, smart lighting is a bright idea! Lights can be configured to turn on and off based on time of day or a schedule. Or if you prefer, you can use the lighting “scenes” for different moods such as making dinner, entertaining, or watching a movie. In addition, you can select a variety of light bulb colors and temperatures to find just the right setting for you.

Entertainment and Audio

With just the push of your remote button you can control your Blu-ray player, satellite, streaming video, surround sound and more. Then go a step further by setting the lighting to create the perfect ambience. You can set this option up for one TV or multiple. Throughout your home, integrated speakers allow you to set up different zones to play your tunes. Stream music live or listen off your own device.


A smart thermostat allows you to keep your home at the ideal temperature without using excess energy when you’re not around. Advanced presets and schedule settings allow you to comfortably and easily control the temperature, humidity and air quality of your home. You can also access your thermostat remotely to warm or cool your house for your arrival or use the “Vacation” setting while on holidays.


This is our favorite function as it gives users piece of mind! You can arm your security system or lock up if you dash out the door. Control4 also offers live camera monitoring for your property, inside or outside, that can be viewed on the app. With the intercom, you can receive calls from your front door for a package delivery, or call into the house to check on the kids. Rest easy knowing your home is safe and secure.

Want to find out more about integrating Control4 into your new Coventry home? Contact us or check with a sales member at a showhome near you for details. Interested in adding some of these smart features to your existing home? Contact the local retailer Automated Living Solutions at 780.482.4223.

Published Aug. 08, 2018


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