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Current Cabinetry Trends

As many consider the kitchen the heart of their home, careful consideration is taken in crafting its design.

Gone are the days of dark, drab kitchens. Now it’s a perfect balance to find a look that is classic yet unique. Oh and something you don’t want to renovate a few years down the road.

We’ve curated a list of our top five current cabinetry trends that are here to stay. Take a peek:

Painted Cabinets

If you have been checking out kitchen inspirations recently, there’s no doubt you have seen painted cabinets popping up. Two colors that are currently trending are blue and green. We are seeing these colors in various shades and tones, from dark navy blue to vibrant emerald green. Tread carefully as it can be easy to overdo it; this is a great time where the assistance of an Interior Designer (like McKenzie in our Choices by Design) can really help make your cabinets a focal point or just an accent.

See this look in our Bianca showhome in West Secord – It has just the perfect touch of navy in the kitchen island.

Two-Toned Finishes

Can’t decide between two cabinet colors? Pick them both! Or better yet, go for one wood and one painted for some variation. A great way to utilize the “mix and match” look is selecting one option for your island and the other option for the rest of your cabinetry. No island? Selecting lighter upper cabinets and darker lower cabinets gives the room balance while still having a fresh, trendy look.

See this style in Crystallina Nera at our Odessa showhome. The black island with white quartz complements the white cabinets for polished finish.


White cabinetry is timeless and never goes out of style. One of the reasons we love white cabinets so much is the versatility – you can match just about any current interior design trend with it. Plus, if you ever want a change, chances are you can keep your beautiful cabinets. There are lots of ways to give white cabinets an update if they are in need of a simple refresh. Or if you’re starting from scratch consider different cabinet profiles to achieve your desired look, or play with white-washed cabinets. A flat cabinet can work well with contemporary designs; a more detailed profile looks traditional but classic.

Check out one of our classic white cabinet kitchens at the Io Showhome in Riverside, St. Albert.

Increased Functionality

Cabinet layouts have taken leaps and bounds from the old swing doors and your standard cutlery drawer. There are multiple ways to make your home function its best. Pot and Pan drawers are a must-have if you spend lots of time in the kitchen! These extra-wide and deep drawers are the perfect size to store your cookware in an accessible place – they are usually located right beside your stove or cooktop. Spice drawers are another chef’s favorite. These tall skinny drawers have multiple shelves to easily show off your spices. Another option to consider is glass-front cabinets. These can be an accent with just a couple to show off special items or as the second row of to give your kitchen a grand look.

See the Sculptor in Griesbach and the Mira in The Uplands for a couple of our favorite built-in cabinet options.

Make-Up Counter

Think outside the kitchen when you’re considering your cabinets! Bathrooms are another place we are seeing trendy cabinet looks. If you are planning an ensuite oasis, a make-up counter should be on your list. It’s a stylish way to keep your beauty products tucked away but also pamper yourself just a little bit. You can customize this space to your liking, with multiple drawers or cupboards as you need.

See one of our stunning make-up counters in the Kalliope at The Uplands….you need to see the counter space!

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Published Jul. 24, 2018


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