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Edmonton vs Calgary: Where Should You Choose to Live?

Alberta is a thriving and beautiful province so it’s not surprising that people from all across Canada and the world are looking to relocate here. There are many economic and personal benefits to moving to Alberta.

When thinking about relocating to this western province, one debate many face is where to move. When deciding Calgary vs Edmonton, both cities have numerous pros and cons so deciding which city to call home will come down to choosing which one best suits most if not all of your needs. There are many factors to consider when picking the city that’s right for you.


Both cities are growing quickly but if you are wondering is Calgary bigger than Edmonton, the answer is yes.

Calgary is the third largest city in Canada with a population of over 1.6 million people. Edmonton is slightly smaller with a population of over 1.1 million. The average population age range in both cities is mid-thirties.

The Calgary vs Edmonton population isn’t the only factor that could influence your choice. There are several other considerations as well.


The average price for a single family home in Edmonton is just under $400,000 while the average price for a single family home in Calgary is around $545,000.

While Edmonton is seeing a decrease in home sales of 2.8% during the third quarter of 2023, Calgary’s housing prices increased by 7.3% during the same timeframe. The shortage of affordable homes in the real estate market is driving the prices higher and faster in Calgary than in Edmonton.


Both cities are rich with attractions and entertainment venues. Both cities have professional hockey and football teams and sporting venues. They also have unique shops, malls and restaurants.

Edmonton has the largest mall in Canada. West Edmonton Mall boasts a rich selection of shops and restaurants, a full size skating rink, water park, an aquarium, miniature golf course and numerous other attractions and amenities.

Both cities rank among the top five cities as the greenest in Canada. With the abundance of parks, gardens, and beautiful landscapes, outdoor lovers have plenty of options in both cities.

Calgary has more art museums while Edmonton has more theatres.

Calgary hosts the Calgary Stampede, the largest stampede in the country every July while Edmonton hosts K-Days, a smaller fair annually.


When comparing Calgary vs Edmonton weather, Edmonton’s winters are generally longer and colder while the summer’s are shorter and milder in temperature because they are in the northern part of the province.

Calgary has more mild winters and hotter summers. Calgary also has Chinooks, a weather system that blows warm air over the region during the winter months. While the milder weather in Calgary can be appealing, for people prone to headaches and migraines the sudden change in temperature due to Chinooks and other weather systems, can be a risk for increased symptoms due to sudden and frequent barometric pressure changes.


Calgary’s economy is booming. It is near major highways leading to B.C. as well as the eastern provinces so there is a lot of transportation of goods and services. The oil industry and opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship are also adding the growing economy.

While Edmonton’s economy isn’t growing as fast, it is still very strong and stable and offers lots of job opportunities. Because Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, most provincial government jobs and departments are located in Edmonton. Edmonton also has the higher manufacturing industry in Canada and has plenty of oil industry jobs.

Regardless of which city you choose, you will have plenty of job opportunities and career options in both Edmonton and Calgary.


Calgary vs Edmonton living differs between the two cities. Housing costs in Edmonton can be relatively more affordable compared to Calgary. Calgary however is has one of the lowest property taxes in all of Canada.

Calgary’s higher average income and employment opportunities may offset the increased housing costs for some individuals or families.


Both Calgary and Edmonton are beautiful, thriving cities that have plenty to offer. Choosing the right city will depend on which one best suits your personal and professional needs.


Published Dec. 19, 2023


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