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Landscaping 101 and Homeowner Care

The process of buying a new home is filled with exciting moments, new experiences, and plenty of new responsibilities.

Landscaping is often one of the most foreign new areas of responsibility for new homeowners – so, we thought we’d help with a simple Landscaping 101 guide!

The warmer weather gives homebuilders and landscaping professionals the green light to get working on making your new home’s yard looking picture-perfect. So, what’s involved in the process and what can new homeowners expect for maintaining their yard?

When it comes to completing the landscaping around a new home there are three things to keep in mind:

  1. Things Can Get Noisy. Depending on the size and type of project, there may be a need to bring in equipment that can be a little noisy.
  1. Expect Some Messy Days. You’ll be dealing with dust, dirt, and other things around your yard –  it’s all just a part of the process.
  1. Delays Can Happen. We can’t control the weather, and landscaping is heavily dependent on the forecast. Any changes that are requested along the way may also cause a delay in the project.

Once a beautiful, new landscaped yard is complete, it’s now up to the proud new homeowner to maintain the area. Newly planted lawns, shrubs or trees all require special care and attention in the first few years. Follow these key tips to ensure your landscaping maintains its scenic quality.

  • The first two weeks are critical when it comes to establishing new sod. Avoid walking on newly laid sod and be sure to saturate the sod with water as soon as it’s laid. It’s generally best to water each area for about 30 minutes at dusk or dawn to avoid too much of the water being evaporated. The rule of with new sod is about 2 weeks but usually you will get a handout with details for your new lawn.
  • Proper mowing keeps grass healthy, and landscapers recommend grass should be approximately 2 inches long to avoid sun damage. Plus, grass-cycling or going “bag-less” is easy, great for your lawn, and eco-friendly!
  • Fertilizing your lawn also offers the benefits of weed control! Talk to an expert in your garden centre to find the best product for your lawn, and tips for application.
  • Note that trees and shrubs should be watered right after being planted – and be sure to add a root starter fertilizer to help with proper root establishment.
  • Water shrubs and trees at least once per week for the first year.
  • Trees should also be watered thoroughly in early fall to ensure there is adequate moisture at the root zone during the winter.
  • Remember to consider that the tree your planting today is going to be growing! A full-grown tree may block windows or cover a deck, so be sure you’re planning on the area to become shady or obstructed.

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Published Jun. 12, 2019


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