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November Update on our Habitat Home

Take a look at what's happening at our Habitat for Humanity home in the Leduc community of Woodbend.

Activity has picked up quickly since our last check-in. Our Ari duplex was starting drywall at our last blog post. The interior of the home is coming together now very quickly. Not only is the drywall now complete, but the home has a fresh coat of paint. Our fireplace mantle is up and looks great. The second floor has it’s trim and baseboards completed, and the main floor is receiving their trim and baseboards now. Another monumental step that we have all been waiting for…the exterior has started! The Ari will feature a dark blue siding with beige trim and accents. I think everyone is starting to feel the excitement as this come nears the finish line!

You will notice some missing pieces still – flooring and cabinets are still to come, along with the appliances and light fixtures. These go in near the very end, along with some last minute touches. Stay tuned as we will have more updates to come!

We also want to say a special thank you again to our trades and suppliers that are working hard on this Habitat home! Thank you so much for all your hard work, dedication, and support:

  • Sandhills Manufacturing
  • Trail Building Supplies
  • Alberta Deck Shop
  • Lone Wolf Framing
  • Jayson Global Roofing
  • Topline Siding
  • KD Carpentry
  • Diversified Mechanical
  • Accent Heating
  • Coronet Electric
  • Empire Drywall
  • CW Eaves troughing
  • Super Sonic Stucco
  • Superior Cabinets
  • Modern Granite
  • Durabuilt Windows
  • Ronco Doors
  • Cloverdale Paint
  • Trail Appliances
  • Wood & Energy Store
  • Park Lighting
  • Westcon Precast
  • Spindle Factory
  • Baron Building Supplies
  • After Eight Flooring
  • Thermo-solutions
  • IXL Masonry
  • Walter Cook Masonry
  • Barcol Doors
  • Chores Cleaning
  • TNN
  • Continental Services
  • Guaranteed Upholstery & Furnace Cleaning
  • Home-Rail Ltd.
  • BEI Engineering
  • IB Engineering
  • Pals Geomatics
  • Force Civil Solutions – Excavating & Grading
  • Gradex Consulting
  • Darods Construction– Foundations Cribbing
  • Inland Concrete
  • All-Out Concrete Pumping
  • Lenbeth Weeping Tile
  • Young Guns Concrete
  • Reaction Screw Piles
  • Zytech

Published Nov. 08, 2018


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