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Preparing for Landscaping & Seasonal Work

The sun is shining, the snow is blowing…wait, what? Its spring in Edmonton and many new homeowners are eager to get started on the landscaping of their new home!

With such volatile weather, each day can bring new challenges to the beginning of landscaping & the completion of seasonal items. Here are some important facts to know as the weather starts to warm up:

Concrete – Your driveway is one of the first items to get started; the driveway needs to be completed to move onto completing your rough grade. In order for your concrete to get poured the frost needs to be gone from the ground, which can be up to four feet below the surface. This will ensure you are getting maximum strength, as cracking and sagging can occur if you are impatient at this crucial step. Also important to note, the order that you get your concrete work may not be determined by your possession date but how much work needs to be done in the community.

Fencing – Depending on your home and community, you may be responsible for the installation of your fence. This task cannot be started until your lot and any adjacent neighbors have received their rough grade approval. Check with your community before you begin as there may be some requirements.

Exterior Paint – If a portion of the outside of your home requires painting, it requires careful conditions. A drying period of 24 to 48 hour at +10°C is needed for the paint to cure and dry sufficiently. This will help keep the painted area in good condition for years to come.

Rough Grading – This process is completed by Coventry after the concrete work has been completed and fully strengthened. Rough grading ensures your lot is formed correctly for drainage, directing water away from your home. It requires a dry period as the soil may change shape or shift after drying. Once your lot is ready, an inspector will review it according to the lot plans – once it is approved, final grade can be started.

Final Grading – Completing the final grade is usually the responsibility of the homeowner, however it can be included in your home purchase so it’s best to confirm. Final grading includes the work, materials and any services required to obtain your final grade certificate, including applying for your inspection. Make sure to complete this within one year of your rough grade approval or you could face a fine!

Landscaping – Depending on your home, Coventry may be completing your landscaping. If so, now is the time where top soil, trees, shrubs, and sod are added. If you are taking care of this yourself, be sure to check the landscaping guidelines for your community as they outline the minimum requirements set out by the land developer. After your landscaping is completed, Coventry will complete an inspection to check that the requirements have been met. Once that is completed, you can now submit to have your landscaping deposit returned.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Most exterior seasonal items require dry conditions – this means one day of rain could put work back for 3 to 5 days, with the seasonal period running from June to October.
  • Other variables impact the ability to complete seasonal items, such as neighboring construction and surface obstructions.
  • Be prepared by ensuring your downspouts are down so water is flowing away from your home, your sump pump is working properly, and your window wells are clear.
  • Coventry Connect has more information regarding Grading, Landscaping and Fencing Process and Requirements, login for details.
  • Please have patience as hundreds of homes in the Edmonton area are all waiting for seasonal work to be completed from the same vendors. We are working hard to get all jobs done efficiently for our clients!

Published May. 08, 2019


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