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Quartz or Granite? Comparing Countertops for Your New Home

One of the most exciting parts of the home-buying process with Coventry Homes is making your Interior Selections at our Choices by Design Centre.

This is where the inside of your house starts to feel more like your home. Working with our in-house Designer, you spend the day choosing finishings like cabinets and tile, to door handles, paint colors, and of course, countertops. Coventry offers a vast array of materials to choose from, including laminate, quartz, granite, butcher’s block, and more. With most people landing between granite and quartz in their decision, we thought we would take a look at what makes these two products unique.

Granite is a 100% natural stone product. It is mined from quarries across the world, and is then cut down to large sheets, and polished to a shine. Depending upon where it is coming from, the granite may travel extensive distances to reach your home. Quartz is also made of natural components, but with polymers and resins mixed in. Quartz is a mix of approximately 9 parts natural quartz to one part resin. It gets mixed together and is then set in a large sheet.

We compared granite and quartz on appearance, maintenance and durability, and cost. Let’s see how they both stack up.


Now because it is a natural product, each slab of granite is going to be slightly different. That is the beauty of it! Granite can stunning veins running through it or be sparkling full of mineral inclusions.

As quartz is engineered, the resulting finish is my uniform. The slabs can be customized for any color palette and provide a consistent, clean look.

Maintenance & Durability

Being a porous stone, granite is prone to staining from liquids left to sit. It is resistant to heat, but can be damaged due to its brittle nature should receive a strong hit. Lastly, to keep your granite in perfect condition, it needs to be re-sealed annually. This keeps any liquids that end up on the counters from seeping in.

Quartz is stronger and more durable than granite, making it less likely to damage. It is also non-porous, so it does not stain easily or require any sealing. It can however be damaged by heat, so always use a hot pad.


At Coventry Homes, you can select from standard quartz and granite for the same price. We offer dozens of options to compliment your interior selections. There is also a second tier of both quartz and granite, both available for a comparable upgrade fee. These are exotic granites and quartz with additional mineral additions.

Final Thoughts

Both granite and quartz are trending choices in countertop options. We narrowed our blog down to the three points that homebuyers consider the most when determining what to pick for their home. Consider these items for your family before making your selection and let us know what you decide!

Published May. 22, 2019


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