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Unlock Rewards with Coventry Homes’ Referral Program

Are you passionate about your Coventry Homes experience? Do you want to share the joy of owning a Coventry home with friends, family, and acquaintances? Well, you're in luck!

Coventry Homes offers a fantastic referral program that not only allows you to spread the word about your exceptional home but also rewards you generously for doing so. Here are compelling reasons why you should take full advantage of this program:

1. It’s Incredibly Easy

Coventry Homes’ referral program is designed with simplicity in mind. The process is straightforward: just visit the website and fill out a brief online form with your contact information and the details of the person or people you’re referring. The best part? You can do this before your referral signs a purchase agreement, ensuring you don’t miss out on your well-deserved rewards.

2. Earn Industry-Leading Referral Bonuses

Coventry Homes values your loyalty and enthusiasm. That’s why they offer two tailored referral programs to suit your situation:

Platinum Referral – Friends of Coventry Homes: If you’re a fan of Coventry Homes and haven’t yet had the opportunity to build one of their homes, this program is for you. By simply recommending Coventry Homes to your friends, family, or associates, you can earn a remarkable $2,000 referral bonus for every successful sale resulting from your referral.

Diamond Referral – Coventry Homes Homeowners: Are you already a proud Coventry Homes homeowner who wants to share your exceptional home building experience with others? Coventry Homes wants to pay it forward to you. Refer your loved ones to Coventry Homes, and you’ll receive a generous $3,000 referral bonus for each successful sale.

3. Share the Joy of Quality Homes

Coventry Homes has been enriching lives through quality homes for over 47 years. When you refer someone to Coventry Homes, you’re not just recommending a house; you’re sharing an unmatched living experience. Your referrals can trust in the superior craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and lasting value that Coventry Homes delivers with every new home built.

4. Strengthen Your Community

By referring others to Coventry Homes, you contribute to building a thriving community of satisfied homeowners who appreciate quality living built in a new home. You become a part of the Coventry family, creating a network of happy residents who have discovered the joys of owning a Coventry home.

5. Promote Your Favourite Homebuilder

When you refer someone to Coventry Homes, you help promote a local, family-run business that has been serving the Greater Edmonton Area for nearly five decades. Your recommendations support a company dedicated to creating homes that enrich lifestyles, making your community an even better place to live.


Coventry Homes’ referral program is a win-win opportunity. You get to share the joy of living in a Coventry home, help others discover the Coventry experience, and earn substantial rewards in the process. Whether you’re already a Coventry homeowner or simply an admirer of their work, this program lets you play a crucial role in enriching lives and homes.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of something exceptional. Join Coventry Homes’ referral program today and let your recommendations turn into rewards!

Published Sep. 07, 2023


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