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What’s a Zero Lot Line Home?

If you are on the market for a new home, you may have come across the term Zero Lot Line (ZLL) home.

What is a zero lot line home and what effect does it have on your new home search? Traditional single family homes have two side yards joining your front and back yards– one on each side of your house. Whereas zero lot line homes have only one side yard; the other side of your house is built right against your property line.

Zero lot line homes are similar to traditional single family homes in many ways. Coventry offers a variety of well thought-out floorplans in both our Prestige and Pinnacle Interior Specification. Of if you prefer, you can customize your Coventry ZLL home to suit your needs, just as you would any of the other homes we build. In addition, you can build a ZLL home with a front attached garage or a laned home with rear detached garage through our sister company Impact Homes (Visit their website here).

With similarities also come differences. First, as we mentioned above, you only have one side yard instead of two. However that means less lawn maintenance! In your home’s basement, the furnace and mechanical room are required to be on the side of the property with access to your yard. Lastly, there are specific do’s and don’ts for window placement. We don’t want any awkward stare downs happening between neighbours.

So, what benefit does a zero lot line home have for you? One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a zero lot line home is value. As a narrower lot is required for your home, a cost savings can be incurred here allowing you to either save money or make your original budget go further!

As zero lot line homes are a relatively innovative product, they are still popping up throughout the city. Right now, Coventry is offering ZLL homes in West Secord, Cy Becker, The Uplands, and our upcoming community of Keswick Landing. Discover all our showhomes located within many of our city’s popular communities and find your perfect Coventry home. Plus, for a limited time, Coventry Homes is offering an up to $15,000* upgrade allowance on new home purchases!  Contact us or visit our showhomes for more information.

Published Sep. 19, 2018


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