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Building with Coventry

We believe that your lifestyle should determine what your home looks like, not the other way around. That's why all of our home designs are flexible, allowing you to customize your floorplan, finishes and fixtures to suit you.

Our process starts with you and your vision.

Our process begins with a conversation about who you are and what you’re looking for. While our home models are functional and beautiful as-is, they can also serve as the base for your custom-tailored design. We’ll work together to uncover the elements that make up your ideal home, and create a plan that is uniquely yours.

Choices by Design Centre

At our interior design centre, you’ll see fixtures, colours, and materials in person, so you’ll be confident that you’re making the right choice for your dream home.

Not sure where to start or what you like?

We’ve developed a list of the most popular choices in modern home design based on customer feedback. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you towards a style that not only functions well, but looks beautiful and reflects your taste.

Homeowner Care Team & Warranty

With our experienced Homeowner Care Team, you can be confident that you’ll be taken care of even after you’ve moved in. Our knowledgeable team is available full-time to quickly address any concerns you have.

We’ll schedule your first warranty appointment for approximately one month after you move in and make any needed adjustments at that time. Another review is completed at one year to ensure that you’re still as thrilled with your new home as the day you took possession.

We take our warranty program very seriously, and that’s reflected in our top rating with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

We take our warranty program very seriously, and that's reflected in our top rating with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

Ready to Buy?

We’re here to help. We’ve guided countless families and individuals through the financial side of the building process, from planning to loan securement.

To learn more, calculate your estimated house payment, view our list of preferred lenders, or read our post on home building resources.

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Curious about pricing, one of our communities, or how to take the next step? We're here to help.